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Hair development


At the bottom, hair bulb connects to hair papilla which are made of dermal cell. All nutritions and oxygen are delivered from hair papilla to hair bulb through blood capillary, and it creates hair matrix cells. When hair matrix cells grow and divide cells, hair develops upper and upper as cornifying. Accelerating blood circulation of blood capillary is one of key to develop hair properly. Hair is mainly made with keratine, a genetic name of protine made with combination of 18 types amino acides. To accelerate hair growth, it is important to consume good protines, vitamins and minerals at the same tine.


Hair Cycle


After certain term of continuous activity, hair papilla it stops activity temporarily.

  1. Anagen stage is hair growing term
  2. Degeneration stage is reducting hair bulb term
  3. At Teolen stage, activation of hair papilla pauses, and hair does not grow but just remain on scalp.
  4. At Incipent stage, hair papilla starts to activate and grows new hair and old hair starts to fall.

Length of Anagen stage differs between men and women. For men, it is for 2-5 years and 4-6years for women. After Anagen stage, 1-1.5months for Degeneration stage, and 4-5months for Teolen stage. After 4-5months of Teolen stage, hair falls automatically. At the end of Teolen stage, new hair starts to grow.

How to absorb nutrients


There are many ladies who are doing facial pack with crashed Lemon of Strawberry. Vitamin C included in these fruits are water soluble and therefore they are rather difficult to be absorbed through their skins.
Oil soluble substances, however, or specific ingredient such as female sex hormone are absorbed through skin.
Vitamin E, Garlic Iodide extract, or Photosensitizinf dye, etc…, are oil soluble nutrients and thus they are absorbed through dermal layers so capillary vessel to promote blood circulation as shown on the left.
In the method to assist the percutaneous absorption, the scalp is steamed or warmed with steamed-towel while massaged with motion of rubbing or softening, and thus the percutaneous absorption of the useful nutrients is accelerated.

What causes hair loss or thinning hair ?

1. Heredity

  • It is said that Heredity is one of the cause of hair loss and thinning hair specially for men. Testosterone is one of the big cause for men’s hair loss. There are many way to prevent testosterone excessive metabolism from early stage of hair loss.

2. Hormone balance

  • Male hormone, testosterone is known to be related to fallen hair. Testosterone itself works to increase hair growth but when it turns to be dihydrotestosterone after chemical reaction with 5α-reductases, dihydrotesterone works negatively on hair growth. When it works on hair roots, it makes hair papilla shrunk and leads to fallen hair. That is the main reason for androgenetic alopecia (Men’s hair loss). Testosterone also affects on women’s hair loss. When women get older, number of hormone becomes less and that causes number of testosterone becomes more. Besides aging, pregnancy and giving birth which cause unbalanced hormone is said to be the reason for women’s thinning hair. For pregnant woman, because of unbalanced hormone, hair cycle becomes irregular and hair comes off before it grows.

3. Deficiency of nutrition and irregular habits

  • Deficiency of nutrition and irregular habits such as unbalanced diet, smoking, and lack of sleeping can cause irregular hair cycle and improper functioning of hair cycle.

4. Stress

  • Stress can cause unbalanced hormone and also improper blood circulation.

Condition of hair root by symtoms


Normal fallen hair

The hair root is soft and its shape is a natural shape


Alopecia pityroides

Hairs are dry and lack in luster. It falls down before it becomes long enough.


Diffused alopecia

Hairs fall in a wide area, become sparse.
Can lead to be total head alopecia.


Alopecia areata

Bold parts are circle and the border lines are distinct.


Seborheic alopecia

White attachments of sebum is easily observed by eyes.