Concept - SORCIÈRE





How SORCIÈRE was born


Brand name “SORCIÈRE” means “witch” in French.
Although the word “witch” sometimes gives negative images, it always brings up the image of “Magic”.

Mr. Kachi, the founder of our company who had been successful in exporting existing business since 1962 believed that Japanese technological skill is potential and can be compete with its of all around the world when it was not as certain as now.
He wanted to develop something innovative, surprising and something that make people happy like a “Magic”.
He talked to Mr. Okabe who had been a good business partner of our company, whose company have been a leading maker of hair care products in Japan.
With a great deal of cooperation from maker, and with their experiences, skills and strong will, we succeeded in developing and launching SORCIÈRE HAIR TREATMENT (hair growing lotion) in 1982.

Ever since, we have received tons of favorable remarks SORCIÈRE HAIR TREATMENT (hair growing lotion) of from users all around the world.
Our dream to make people surprised and happy with our “Magic” still continue….